Utbildning Aisha Jagieva 23-24/4

7 900 kr (inkl. moms)

Två dagars utbildning av den absolut bästa stylisten vad gäller de nya böjarna M och L

4 i lager

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Två dagars fullspäckad utbildning i de nu så populära M och L böjen!


Två dagar 10:00-19:00

Du kommer behöva skaffa en modell dag 2 12:30-19:00


Russian volume from 3D to mega volume. + Perfect curl. Work with curls L, L + and M
The Course go 2 days
Course program:
🔸 Rules for working with glue. All about glue. We select the conditions for the glue to always work. Uncover the secrets of long wearing eyelashes!
🔸 Client and master of allergies. Health Master and Client
Perfect indent. Learn to make the best indent!
🔸 Perfect direction. Ways to achieve
Correct contact area. Bonding / Shedding
🔸Working from inside and outside corners. Quick way to work corners.
🔸Working with ciliated rows. Smooth transitions from one length to another. Ideally flat ciliary line
🔸Perfect beam. What should it be? Geometry of a correct beam
Two technicians. The formation of eyelashes – manual and on the tape. Pros and cons of both techniques!
🔸 Simulation. Most popular effects. Competent selection of the effect according to the specific shape of the eyes.
🔸Perfect Curl L, L +, M (new). Features work with L-shaped bends!
🔸Which eyes are ideal for bending, and for whom it is absolutely not recommended to make an L / M bend!
🔸 Combining Bends. The most winning schemes🚀
🔸Perfect tweezers. Tool selection and sharpening
🔸Master Portfolio.
Photoworks and their processing